Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tabzi the Next Big Social Network for Internet Marketers

Still on its pre-launch, Tabzi seems to be the best social networking website to come. It offers 10 amazing wasy to earn on its site.

1 - Spot Payments

As a member of Tabzi,  you'll be able to notice random spot payments. This could be because you've viewed a website, followed a member, clicked on a banner or whatever the action we'll put random payments in place for you to find.

2 - Lotto

Turn your credits into cash. The lotto pot is an opportunity to get a chance to win the lotto pot. The lotto pot is made up of credits and cash prizes. The prizes vary and will be displayed on the website in the lotto pot. To enter the draw all you need is to do exchange your credits for tickets in the draw. One credit will buy you one ticket in the draw.

3 - Top surfer

Every day Tabzi will pay a cash prize to the member that views the most websites on Tabzi, that's an average of 30 cash prizes every single month.

4 - Top surfer draw

If you will be among the top twenty surfer each day, you will have a chance of been selected to win a  daily cash prize.

5 - Top Referrer Prize

Every month tabzi will pay $100 to the member that has directly referred the most paying members for that month. All you need is to to refer as many people as you within a month.


6 - Spillover Downline Bonus

Even if you don't directly refer anyone, you can still earn money from spillover. Spillover occurs whenever someone in your upline has referred more than 2 members. The extra members are placed in your downline and when they upgrade, you will earn money.   

7 - Viral Spillover Downline Bonus

Viral Spillover occurs whenever a spillover member is placed in your downline and they then refer paying members. You'll earn commission from these members who are placed in your downline.

Direct Referrals

8 - Direct Referrer Bonus

Every single time you refer someone to Tabzi and that person upgrades their account, you will receive a commission payment and you will contiue receiving the commision every other month that they upgrade.

9 - Downline Bonus

In addition to the referral bonuses, the will pay you a downline bonus. For every single upgraded member you refer in your downline , they will pay you a recurring monthly commission.

10 - Viral Downline Bonus

Not only will you get paid for referring members, you will also get a downline bonus for all the members in your downline that your referrals refer.

This will be definitely one of the best programs to be launched. Joining is free and it is open to all. Visit Tabzi to learn more and to grab your chance to be one of their members.

Tabzi, 10 Ways to Make Money Online

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Join Money Making Online Programs

1.     JSS Tripler/JBP

Earn 2% every day for 75 days and Triple your Earnings. Join Just Been Paid.

2.     MyBrowserCash

Earn money by simply browsing the internet through the use of MyBrowerCash application.  Join MyBrowserCash.

Do simple online tasks/offers and get paid through Paypal/Alertpay when you balance is only $1.  Join Incentria

4.  Bidify
Buy bids and spend them on Bidsson Auction and get a chance to earn some cash through their Profit Pool Sharing Program. Join Bidify.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What is JBP/JSS Tripler Program

JSS-Tripler is basically a Traffic-Exchange (Surf) Program that earns you 2% or more per day depending on the number of positions that you have. You buy $10 position that pay you out 2% per day for a total of 75 days. Currently they are giving out a signup bonus of $10 that you can repay later on.

Check out my previous post on how to signup for free $10 JSS Tripler account.


You earn 2% per day from your $10 position for the next 75 days. You can buy multiple positions. You can compound daily to increase your earnings. You can use your cash balance to buy more positions.

You also earn referral bonuses of 10% on your first level and 5% on your second and any minute, you can withdraw your earnings or use them to increase your earnings by buying more positions.
The basic formula that JSS-Tripler use is to apply 80% of funds received to pay unexpired positions. This means that every position bought enables JSS-Tripler to pay 40 positions for a day.

The total cash earnings per position is $15 or 150%. The further $15 is paid in the form of JSS positions. When four of your JSS-Tripler positions have matured and earned you $15 each, you get a JSS position that pays you $60 when it cycles. This amounts to $15 per JSS-Tripler position. This is how your money is tripled.


You can also decide to upgrade your account (upgrade cost $15) which will increase your chances of earning
money money.

Read more on How to Make Money Using JSS Tripler.

How to SignUp For Free $10 JSS-Tripler Account

First if you have not joined the program here is your opportunity to sign up and get $10 for free.  Join JBP
New members who are signing up are been given $10 free to their JSS-Tripler account which they can use to buy one position and pay later on. When you buy the JSS Tripler position, you start earning 2% immediately and you will only pay it back after 60days.

To be able to get the $10 to buy one position,

you need to register a new account
Go to
JBP Website and signup for a new account.


After signing up for a new account, you will receive an email with the member id number that you will use to login to your account. 

Step By Step on How to Fund Your JSS-Tripler Account

1.   Login to the members area by use of new member id and the password that you used when signing in or you can change the password if you want. Once you are in the members area, click on the link that on the left side written;

JSS Tripler
New Members Start Here

2.  Check the Membership Agreement and click on submit your contact information to proceed.

3.   Click on "Enter the JSS-Tripler Member Area"
You will receive a congratulation message that says:

You have just received your first $10 to spend on JSS-Tripler
Simply proceed to the Member Area to buy your first position, and click on 'Buy JSS-Tripler Position"  to start earning with 24 hours!

Click on Enter JSS-Tripler Member Area

Please note that the $10 is not free and you are required to pay it later on.
The $10 will help you to start earning 2%.

4. When you are already in JSS-Tripler Member area, click on "Financial Link"

5. Scroll down until you reach the two screen shots; the one on the left side shows "Money Currently Available in Your JSS-Tripler Account" which is $10;  both from daily earnings and referral bonuses and from the funds you tansferred from your main JSS Account to JSS-Tripler Account.  The one on the right side show "Money Currently Available in your JSS Account which is $0. Since the JSS-Tripler account is empty, you need to fund by using the button found on the right side "Fund Main JSS Account" by clicking on it.

6. Just below the two screen shots, there is "Buy JSS-Tripler Position", click on it and be ready to test how the program works.

7. The JSS-Tripler position cost $10 for each. So with $10 you can only be able to buy one position. On the small box  write the number of position that you would like to buy which is 1 and click on Proceed with the My Order".

8. You will recieve a message which ask you whether to confirm purchases from JSS-Tripler Account with the balance available in your JSS Account and the cost of your new purchase. Click on "Yes Confirm My Purchase" Button. 

9. If you are successful, you will receive the
following message;
Congratulations, you have successfully bought 1 position. Close this tab and refresh the page to check your payment.
Your payment was successful

You will also receive an Email confirming your payment,
You can now confirm your payment in the member area under
"Financial" by scrolling doen the page abit.
And in a few minutes, you will be able to view the positions you just bought under "positions".
Please be patient.

Note: Particularly during a major event, it can take
several minutes or even hours for your position to show up.
You will be paid 2% per day in CASH to your JSS-Tripler Account.
When your JSS-Tripler position mature (having paid 150% total,)
you will be paid one JSS position (worth $60 when it cycles) for every
4 JSS-Triple position that mature.
10. After 24 hours, You will be able to find the 2% profit on your account. Simply log in to the members area. Click on JSS-Tripler Button, click on Enter JSS-Tripler Member Area. When you are already in JSS-Tripler Member Area, click on "Finacial". You will be able to see your earnings and how much money you already have in your JSS-Tripler Account.

How to Make Money Using JSS-Tripler

 Note that any position is worth $10 and earns 2% daily until after 75 days when the position matures.


Let assume that you get the $10 for free and buy 1 position
Your daily earnings will be calculated as the following
Earn 2% daily = $0.20 per day for 75 days before the
position expires

1 position costs $10.00
Your daily earnings will be:
10.00 X 2%= $0.20
$.20 X 75 days= $15.00 ($5.00 profit)

If you want to earn more, you can sign up for the $10 free and then buy more other position
In the following example, I will assume that you have bought three more position. The total number of position including the $10 free signup is 4.

Your earnings will be calculated as follows;
  3 positions cost $30.00 + 1 free $10 signup (which you will pay later on)
Your daily earnings will be
40 x 2%= 0.80
$.80 x 75= $60 ($20 profit)

If you decide to buy 50 positions
50 positions costs 500.00
50 x 2%= $10.00 per day
10.00 per day for 75 days
750.00 ($ 250 profit)

Remember each position that you buy matures after 75 days and you will no longer be able to earn 2% per day anymore.
You are also required to pay the $10 bonus that you were given for signing up.

What are Other Free Bonuses
Every 4th position that expires, earns you 1 FREE BONUS JSS Synergy Surf matrix spot, worth $20.00 if someone else is to purchase this spot and the matrix  get filled up
then you will earn $60.00.

This is how you earnings is tripled;
4 positions purchased @$40.00
4 x 2%= $.80 per day
75 days earning 2%= $60.00
Bonus matrix filled= $60.00
$60.00 + 60.00= $120.00 120/40=3 (Tripled)
120.00 divided by 40.00= 3

The Referrals Program

1st level= 10% commission earned from every position they
buy= $1.00 each, 5.00 for every matrix that they fills

2nd level= 5% commission earned from every position they
buy= $0.50 each, 2.50 for every matrix that they fills

The understand properly how the matrix works and much more information, I encourage you to get more information on JBP website by any of the following ways;
FAQ pages

Live Web Conference Room
Or you can submit a request at
Help Request

Reasons Why JSS-Tripler is Sustainable

Though many program like JSS-Tripler this has stopped running after sometiems, JSS-Tripler is the first "2%-daily type" program that has mechanisms to overcome the such  problem through various mechanismas. The first mechanism is that after your positions have earned 150%, the additional 150% to triple your money is "paid" in the form of JSS positions. The effect of this is to extend the period over which JSS-Tripler can continue paying 2% per day. This tends to extend the 2% earnings and at the same time you get satisfied by the results that you get

The second mechanism is the "Restart Feature" (RSF). When JSS-Tripler's obligations (liabilities) become "too big," JSS-Tripler will be effectively restarted as a "new program." "Old" positions will be "wound up" by "paying them out" partly in cash and partly in JSS positions. RSF will cause a temporary drop in earnings, but no loss of money. This will be "psychologically distressing" for some members, but far less so than if JSS-Tripler disappeared with a total loss of member money and earnings. Most members will be able to increase their earnings in the "new" JSS-Tripler to higher levels than before. This will be both remunerative and
 "psychologically satisfying."

Need More Information About JSS-Tripler

JBP provides extensive training in the form of daily webinars where you can interact with experienced members and get your questions answered in any of the following ways;

 FAQ pages
 Live Web Conference Room
Or you can submit a request at
 Help Request