Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Make Money Using JSS-Tripler

 Note that any position is worth $10 and earns 2% daily until after 75 days when the position matures.


Let assume that you get the $10 for free and buy 1 position
Your daily earnings will be calculated as the following
Earn 2% daily = $0.20 per day for 75 days before the
position expires

1 position costs $10.00
Your daily earnings will be:
10.00 X 2%= $0.20
$.20 X 75 days= $15.00 ($5.00 profit)

If you want to earn more, you can sign up for the $10 free and then buy more other position
In the following example, I will assume that you have bought three more position. The total number of position including the $10 free signup is 4.

Your earnings will be calculated as follows;
  3 positions cost $30.00 + 1 free $10 signup (which you will pay later on)
Your daily earnings will be
40 x 2%= 0.80
$.80 x 75= $60 ($20 profit)

If you decide to buy 50 positions
50 positions costs 500.00
50 x 2%= $10.00 per day
10.00 per day for 75 days
750.00 ($ 250 profit)

Remember each position that you buy matures after 75 days and you will no longer be able to earn 2% per day anymore.
You are also required to pay the $10 bonus that you were given for signing up.

What are Other Free Bonuses
Every 4th position that expires, earns you 1 FREE BONUS JSS Synergy Surf matrix spot, worth $20.00 if someone else is to purchase this spot and the matrix  get filled up
then you will earn $60.00.

This is how you earnings is tripled;
4 positions purchased @$40.00
4 x 2%= $.80 per day
75 days earning 2%= $60.00
Bonus matrix filled= $60.00
$60.00 + 60.00= $120.00 120/40=3 (Tripled)
120.00 divided by 40.00= 3

The Referrals Program

1st level= 10% commission earned from every position they
buy= $1.00 each, 5.00 for every matrix that they fills

2nd level= 5% commission earned from every position they
buy= $0.50 each, 2.50 for every matrix that they fills

The understand properly how the matrix works and much more information, I encourage you to get more information on JBP website by any of the following ways;
FAQ pages

Live Web Conference Room
Or you can submit a request at
Help Request


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