Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reasons Why JSS-Tripler is Sustainable

Though many program like JSS-Tripler this has stopped running after sometiems, JSS-Tripler is the first "2%-daily type" program that has mechanisms to overcome the such  problem through various mechanismas. The first mechanism is that after your positions have earned 150%, the additional 150% to triple your money is "paid" in the form of JSS positions. The effect of this is to extend the period over which JSS-Tripler can continue paying 2% per day. This tends to extend the 2% earnings and at the same time you get satisfied by the results that you get

The second mechanism is the "Restart Feature" (RSF). When JSS-Tripler's obligations (liabilities) become "too big," JSS-Tripler will be effectively restarted as a "new program." "Old" positions will be "wound up" by "paying them out" partly in cash and partly in JSS positions. RSF will cause a temporary drop in earnings, but no loss of money. This will be "psychologically distressing" for some members, but far less so than if JSS-Tripler disappeared with a total loss of member money and earnings. Most members will be able to increase their earnings in the "new" JSS-Tripler to higher levels than before. This will be both remunerative and
 "psychologically satisfying."

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